Bible Whiz

How well do you know the Bible? Play the Bible Whiz trivia game to find out!


This is the ultimate trivia game to see how well you know the Bible. Questions are presented and you will choose from four possible answers. You have four lifelines, two each of the following: 50% - two incorrect answers are eliminated; Skip question - the question is changed and you will be presented with another question. Use the lifelines if you are not sure of the correct answer to the question. You can purchase additional lifelines if you so desire. The Bible trivia game ends when you answer a question incorrectly, or when the time to answer a question expires. Incorrect answers will result in a 50% reduction in your score. Press the Home button at any time to end the Bible trivia game with no reduction in your score.

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Did you know?

The first five books in the Old Testament are called the Pentateuch.

Jesus performed his first miracle in Cana.

John wrote the book of Revelation.