29 March 2017

No More Excuses!

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It is funny how we always have a reason why we are not successful. “I have no money”, “I don’t have the right connections”, “The time wasn’t right”, and the list goes on! When you think about it, the reasons are often plausible and logical, but do not get you closer to being successful.

The simple truth is that many successful entrepreneurs are like us. Started with little or no resources, no family connections, and yet overcame these challenges to become successful. What successful entrepreneurs DO NOT have is excuses! They have an idea, put a plan in place and faithfully executed the plan. Sure there were bumps along the way, but they persevered and are now enjoying the fruit of their labor.


If you find that you keep making excuses for why you are not successful, stop explaining and start doing! If we are to be successful, we must think beyond the obvious to come up with creative solutions for our challenges and start acting.

No more excuses!


Onwards and upwards!

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