31 March 2017

All is Well

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I was born in the beautiful island of Jamaica and having grown up in a Christian home, I always participated in church and related activities from as long as I can remember. Additionally, I was taught to trust God and to put Him at the center of my life. I am the oldest of my parents’ four children, and I am the only girl. My brothers and I were very close, and since I was close to my many cousins, I recognized the value of being in a close knit family early on.

We migrated to the United States when I was fourteen years old. I was excited as this is the land of opportunities and my parents sacrificed a good life as teachers in Jamaica so we could have opportunities they were not privileged to have had in our home country. The City of Houston would be my home for six years as I completed my high school diploma at Milby High school and completed a B.B.A. degree in Finance at the University of Houston. Having a passion for aviation, I moved to Daytona Beach, where I obtained an MBA degree in Aviation from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.


Upon graduation, I gained employment at a consulting firm, where I thought I would be employed until retirement. You see, where I am from, we were taught to the way to job security is to get a bachelors degree, a masters degree is even better, get a job, then work there for the rest of your working life. As it turned out, my lifetime employment would last for two years as I became a victim of layoff. Although my time at TCI was short lived, I enjoyed the work I did and decided to pursue a career as a consultant.


Having a passion for research, along with the credibility a doctoral degree would bring as a researcher in the field, I decided to pursue a doctoral degree. I was able to accomplish this goal in 2007 when I graduated with a D.B.A. degree in International Business.


Armed with the academic credentials, Dr. Walters-Malcolm was now ready to travel the world speaking at conferences, conduct ground-breaking research, and become a professor at a university. I gained employment at a private university in Miami and also served as an instructor with the International Air Transport Association where I taught Aviation Economics.


I decided to focus on the African aviation market as I thought it would be the final frontier in air transportation. To that end, I made my credentials available to organizers of aviation conferences on the continent. I was subsequently invited to participate as a  speaker at some of these conferences.



My personal life was also going well. My husband, Everton, and I have been blessed with two daughters, and we made a commitment that God would be the head of our home. Brianna and Ashley were members of the youth group at church, and Everton a member of the men’s group. I was part of a Bible study group and really enjoyed the fellowship with our church family.


I had lofty plans about what I wanted to accomplish, both personally and professionally, but alas, God had something different in mind.


Happy moments – praise God

Difficult moments – seek God

Painful moments – trust God

All moments – thank God


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