03 April 2017

Ability is a Poor Man's Wealth

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It is easy to look at athletes, actors, musicians, and think “If I had their abilities I would be rich too”. The truth is that we can’t all be actors, athletes or musicians, but each of us has an ability that, if used effectively, will enable us to become financially independent.  I am reminded of a quotation by legendary UCLA men’s basketball coach John Wooden: "Ability is a poor man's wealth."

What abilities do you have that could make you become wealthy? If you are a teacher, you can discover lesson plans that have proven to be effective and sell those plans. Additionally, you could develop a course, and sell it. Udemy is a great platform for independent course developers. If you are a maintenance worker, you could learn the tricks of the trade, figure how it could be done better, and start your own business. You could also develop a product which improves on the tools you have used in the past, which could lead to your financial success..


The possibilities are endless…all we have to do is think beyond the obvious. If you need ideas, I am happy to assist you in discovering how to parlay your talents into financial success.


Onwards and Upwards!     


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