25 April 2017

Financial Challenges

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By the time I was diagnosed, I was completely dependent and had to rely on my husband for my care. I continued to teach since all my classes were online and I was able to work from home. This privilege was short lived, however, when I was informed that my contract would not be renewed. This meant I would no longer have health insurance and, since my husband could not work because he had to care for me, no source of family income. To put it mildly, this news was devastating.

I wrote a letter to the president of the university, explained my situation, emphasising that I relied on the insurance, and asked if were possible to remain on the payroll for the minimum required to be eligible for health insurance. To my dismay, they said it was not possible, and suggested I apply for Medicare (even though it would be months before I would be eligible) and food stamps!

The monthly cost to remain on the insurance offered by the university was $1,000. With no income and an additional expense, I had no ideas about how I would overcome this challenge.


When I looked at our income versus our expenses, it defies logic that we were able to manage, but somehow we did. I was reminded that God will always provide and in my case, I certainly experienced it.


These blessings came in many forms. Sometimes it was a family member coming by with groceries, unexpectedly making a deposit in my bank account, a medical bill suddenly having a reduced balance, and so much more!


It has been difficult but through it all I've learned to trust God. With our finite knowledge, we can't grasp all that is possible through Him. I am living proof that He is an on time God and so I'll continue to lean on Him.


A blog about how my faith has helped me overcome a health challenge. I also write on other topics of interest including business, sports, and others.

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