18 May 2017

Name it and Claim it?

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We sometimes hear ministers espouse a “name it and claim it” philosophy. What does this mean really? And how does it work? In the simplest of terms this philosophy stems from the fact that God has made promises to us and all we have to do is claim it to receive it. These promises are those relating to health, wealth, good relationships, etcetera. So if we ask God for good health, wealth and so forth, He will grant it to us.


We all want to have positive results so do we just “claim it” and wait for the manifestation of the results? We must be in continuous prayer with God. Our relationship with God should not be one where we only pray when we need something. As our Father, He knows our needs and provides accordingly. When we pray for healing, for overcoming financial challenges, improved relationships, or other needs, it is critical that prayer is followed by action. We must not only have faith that God will answer our prayers, but we must act as well.  


It is not enough to just pray for overcoming financial challenges. We must continuously take actions and ask for guidance that will make it a reality. Take the necessary steps to start that business, invest in that property, create and manage your budget, educate yourself on financial management practices, and no excuses! With God’s guidance, taking these steps, even though they may be small, will get you closer to make your dreams a reality.


In praying for healing we (along with loved ones) must also seek guidance and counsel from professionals, trusting God to place the right individuals in the appropriate place at the right time.


We need to have strong faith and conviction that our prayers will be answered. However, we must remember that action is also required on our part.


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