21 March 2017

Words of Encouragement

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During one of the times I was feeling down, one of my cousins sent me the following words of encouragement.

"I speak to you today words of encouragement and life. I assure you that all is well and that I Am standing with you in these circumstances that you are in. I assure you, that you will prevail because you are established in Me. By virtue of being in relationship with Me, your victory is guaranteed. I have already conquered. I remind you of your inheritance. The relationship you experience in Me now is but a foretaste of the glory that is yet to come to you. The things you are hoping for will manifest and not be delayed. I decree over you restoration. You are in a season of restoration. Expect this and make room for this in your thinking.

Allow Me to restore your vision, your attitudes and your perspective on life's journey. I Am renewing your mind and pulling out the negative roots of all deception. My ways and thoughts are higher than yours and I Am taking you higher, so that My glory can be revealed to you. The shadows of doubt creep in whenever you become focused on the cares of the earth, so I urge you to look to Me. I Am the source of all wisdom and understanding. I release transformation and increased Holy Spirit supernatural encounters over you. I release break through over your family, your health, your occupation and your finances. You will receive promotions and remain unspoiled by these increases. I impart to you the wisdom and understanding to steward these increases. Even the trials that you walk through will yield to you rich treasures. My plans for you are very, very good. Love Me with your whole heart, mind, body and spirit as I lead you forward. Be certain, be confident, be bold. Embrace the assurance that I impart to you today. Embrace the supernatural reality of My Presence

This came at the right time and I felt like God was speaking to me directly. I hope you have been encouraged by these words.

Onwards and Upwards!

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