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By the time I was diagnosed, I was completely dependent and had to rely on my husband for my care. I continued to teach since all my classes were online and I was able to work from home. This privilege was short lived, however, when I was informed that my contract would not be renewed. This meant I would no longer have health insurance and, since my husband could not work because he had to care for me, no source of family income. To put it mildly, this news was devastating.

18 April 2017


I find that I have been getting distracted too often. Each day I have a list of things to do and at the end of the day find that I have only completed 30% of the tasks. It is no wonder I have accomplished far less than I am capable of doing. I find myself being distracted…spending significantly more time than necessary on social media. How many times do I hit the refresh button only to realize not much has changed in the past 5 minutes?! I do the same on the news and sports websites.

As I got weaker I became increasingly concerned. I visited another orthopedist, and within minutes of examining me stated “you have a neurological problem. I can’t help you with this”. Really?! I thought, “what was the other orthopedic doctor looking at?” “Did I lose three months treating the wrong problem when the actual problem is getting worse?” Now that the problem has been identified as being neurological, I felt better that at least we were getting closer to figuring out the source so the issue can be resolved


Life is not a bed of roses and we will all face challenges at some point. It is during times of adversity that we truly discover who we are. We get to learn if our faith is as strong as we thought it to be, and we discover if we really are difference makers, capable of accomplishing extraordinary things. When the going gets tough, do we give up or do we step up our efforts and take the fight to a different level?


It is easy to look at athletes, actors, musicians, and think “If I had their abilities I would be rich too”. The truth is that we can’t all be actors, athletes or musicians, but each of us has an ability that, if used effectively, will enable us to become financially independent.  I am reminded of a quotation by legendary UCLA men’s basketball coach John Wooden: "Ability is a poor man's wealth."

In April 2010 I was asked to facilitate a course in Montreal. Having flown several times prior, everything was normal about the flight except for one glaring problem. I could not lift my arm fully to place my suitcase in the overhead bin! What on earth was going on??!! The aircraft was a Boeing 737, a relatively small aircraft so the overhead bin was not as high as is found in a Boeing 747 or other large aircraft. This was, of course scary…actually it was frightening.