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We sometimes hear ministers espouse a “name it and claim it” philosophy. What does this mean really? And how does it work? In the simplest of terms this philosophy stems from the fact that God has made promises to us and all we have to do is claim it to receive it. These promises are those relating to health, wealth, good relationships, etcetera. So if we ask God for good health, wealth and so forth, He will grant it to us.

15 May 2017

Rash Decisions

When it comes to investing, we must never let our emotions get in the way of making sound decisions. Don’t fall in love with the house so much that you fail to do due diligence or that you assess the deal through rose colored lenses. When this happens we end up learning the hard way. Emotions sometimes affect our choice in people with whom to have relationships, the products we purchase at a grocery store, an automobile purchase and more. Too often emotional decisions result in the wrong choice being made.