There are few things over which we have control, and a critical one is our thoughts. The mind is very powerful so we must be guard our thoughts carefully. Positive thoughts lead to positive actions which lead to positive results. Conversely, negative thoughts lead to negative results. I am reminded of the poem The Victor by C.W. Longenecker.


During one of the times I was feeling down, one of my cousins sent me the following words of encouragement.

"I speak to you today words of encouragement and life. I assure you that all is well and that I Am standing with you in these circumstances that you are in. I assure you, that you will prevail because you are established in Me. By virtue of being in relationship with Me, your victory is guaranteed. I have already conquered. I remind you of your inheritance. The relationship you experience in Me now is but a foretaste of the glory that is yet to come to you. The things you are hoping for will manifest and not be delayed. I decree over you restoration. You are in a season of restoration. Expect this and make room for this in your thinking.